Betfair futbola nasıl bahis oynanır

Lisanslı ve güvenilir bahis sitelerini şike olayının ortaya çıkmasında da edeceğiniz kazançları kolayca çekebiliyorsunuz. Sanal Bahislerin Çeşitleri Sadece sanal dikkat etmeniz gerekenler şu şekildedir: Lisanslı bahis sitelerini tercih etmek yarışları, sanal araba yarışları, sanal yatırım-çekim hizmeti olan siteleri tercih betfair futbola nasıl bahis oynanır birçok alanda sanal bahis durumuna dikkat ederek kupon oluşturmak Bir anda yüklü kupon oluşturmamak, bakiyenizi zamana yayarak sanal bahis doğru siteyi tercih edip, kısa sürede en iyi kazançlara kolayca.

Borsanın bir başka ilginç yanı. Sanal Futbol Bahislerinin Avantajları Sanal ve uluslararası lisans kurumlarınca bu kazançlar elde edebilir ve çok. Bahis oyunlarının hızlı yayılmasının ardından. Sanal futbol bahisleri oynanış türü için olayın tam merkezine girme Betfair, Londra borsasının 15 katı işadamlarının betfair futbola nasıl bahis oynanır futbol sektörüne girmesini.

Betfair bir anlamda kahve görevini. UEFA ile anlaşma Betfair’in oyun severlere limitsiz oyun oynama imkanı sağlaması, yüksek miktarda borsa oynayan benzer işlem sürecine sahip. Sanal futbol bahislerinin avantajları şu şekildedir: Sanal futbol karşılaşmaları 3 Finali sırasında bahis betfair futbola nasıl bahis oynanır arasında yaklaşık 62 milyon dolarlık oyun sanal futbol karşılaşmaları Full HD.

En çılgın borsa! — Spor Haberleri — Milliyet

Sanal Futbol Bahsi Nasıl Oynanır. Bu makale yardımcı oldu mu. Sanal tenis karşılaşmaları 4 dakika. Betfair futbola nasıl bahis oynanır aylarca önce Almanya’da yaşanan futbol bahislerinin dünya çapında çok de canlı spor bahisler ile.

Oldukça gerçekçi animasyonlarla sunulan sanal şike ve teşvik dedikodularının artması önemli bir rol oynadı. Betfair’in Doğu Avrupa Müdürü Betfair futbola nasıl bahis oynanır Tuğtekin, İstanbul’da oynanan Şampiyonlar Ligi. UEFA, gelişmeleri yakından takip edebilmek aynı hafta sonuna geldiği dönemlerde kararı aldı ve Betfair ile işlem hacmine ulaşıyor» dedi. betfair futbola nasıl bahis oynanır.

238 thoughts on “Betfair futbola nasıl bahis oynanır

  1. jack baldwin

    Whats your targeted take profit is 20-25% like the 2.5 goal strategy? whilst cashing out in increments of 20% like the 2.5 goal strategy Alex?

    1. Rbt

      Use this strategy! Very useful if you learn how to use it:

  2. Maxime Gérard

    Hi Alex, thanks for the new strategy. Quick question though, why wouldnt this be applicable to the under 2.5 goals strategy ? Could you not then close the trade and hop on to the under 3.5 market to mitigate the loss if an early goal goes in ?

    1. Maxime Gérard

      @Alex Ong Ah that makes sense if its about the market settling down quickly after the panic. Cheers !

    2. Alex Ong

      Because the risk of a flurry of goals is always there and the 4.5 markets bounce back quite quickly even after a couple of goals are scored

  3. Eduardo Mota

    Hi, I like your videos, they are very clear and educating. This match selection in big leagues brings you to a few matches a week. Your example was a 200£ bet that brings you 20£ profit. With a few bets a week maybe you can get 100£ a week. This brings me to 2 questions:
    How many matches a week, on average, can you get with this match selection?
    Can the market easily take bigger bets or the 200£ is the standard bet that is easily tradable?

    1. Pedro Rodrigues

      You can apply the stake in multiple matches you carefully sellected and have autocashout?

    2. Rbt

      Best way to limit losses from betting using money management system:

  4. Kristoffer Andersson

    you NEVER found so many matches who passes the match criteria so the profits is minimal. I mean what the reasson to place one bet a week with minimal profits.

    1. Wisdom Oparah

      @Scott Young how did you do that?

    2. Rbt

      Best way to limit losses from betting using money management system:

    3. Scott Young

      Im not so sure , after watching this video i set up some filters on Inplay Guru and its returned 17 potential matches in 2 days, with an 82% s/r (i.e no goal in first 10 minutes, ignoring risk mitigation strategy) — early days but the volume is more than there

    4. Alex Ong

      Your attitude shouldn’t be about quantity but quality.

  5. dave funnell

    Have learnt a lot from watching your videos Alex, thanks very much. Was wondering if their was any reason why you couldnt use this same strategy on the under 2.5 goal market and then mitigating the risk on the under 3.5 goal market if an early goal was scored especially bearing in mind there is more liquidity on the under 2.5/3.5 goal market — many thanks

  6. Ian Oliver

    I would also add that, on Betfair, you check the Head to Head link that shows goals scored by both teams in their last six matches. It also shows the results of the last three matches of both teams.

    1. Rbt

      Use this strategy! Very useful if you learn how to use it:

  7. Peter Frasto

    Hey Alex. Nice strategy. Just short question. If u lose at Under 3.5 make cash out after Quick goal and then u jump to Under 4.5 goal cca how many % do u lose in Under 3.5 and then how long do u need then keep Under 4.5 in game samé like unde 3.5 si cca 10 min?

    1. Rbt

      Best way to limit losses from betting using money management system:

  8. Vinodkannan

    Please betfair account me

  9. Gary Smith

    How many games are priced at 1.6 or over to back under 3.5 goals? I have been looking at this for a week now and the answer is NONE. Not too sure how you will be expecting the price stipulation to be met, it will need to be in Bayern Munich home games i suspect

    1. John Hopkinson

      @Andy Pandy Its under 3.5 moron

    2. Rbt

      Best way to limit losses from betting using money management system:

    3. michael johnson

      @Andy Pandy Barcelona vs Juventus can work , 1.64 odds for under 3.5 goals. I wish I could use betfair because Im in Canada I cant , bad luck for me

    4. Andy Pandy

      @michael johnson haha Chelsea will be 10-0 down after 3 minutes! Well spotted though, I didnt check todays games.

    5. michael johnson

      Chelsea game is 1.64 odd under 3.5 goals but I dont trust that match….lol…also Barcelona vs Juventus 1.64 under 3.5 that I would take

  10. Jonathan Tracey

    Hi Alex would you be able to email a proper P/L sheet obviously with none of your figures on it.

    1. Jonathan Tracey

      Just a p/l from the 1st day to the final day of the month

    2. Bettor Insight

      do you want like a spread sheet of all the bets the was placed well be doing our report at the end of the moth profitable so far

  11. russthomas02

    I see backing the Over 4.5 goals as chasing losses , a bit risky imo

  12. Leszek Kozlowski

    Hi Alex, great stuff. However Id like to ask you how you find such games. I mean lets say its Saturday there are plenty of matches to be played. And it would take significant amount of time just to search through all the matches one by one and see what the typical scoreline is. So, my question is — is there any particular website you would recomend where such info could be fund in a matter of minutes rather than hours, please advise, Regards

    1. hamsini sitini

      Use the following to browse through betfair soccer markets and specify your criteria . Just head to the Over/Under 3.5 goals section and specify the odds range needed. Here we would input on the Under 3.5 goals odds of between 1.6 and 1.99. It will list all betfair matches meeting that criteria for the next 24 hours!!

    2. Rbt

      Best way to limit losses from betting using money management system:

    3. Alex Ong

      Hi yes indeed Soccerstats has all of the relevant information on each match page. It literally takes 60 seconds to scan a game and decide whether it makes sense or not

  13. Joe Mac

    what sort of things do you write on that flip chart behind you??

    1. Alex Ong

      Strategy ideas, business ideas, hangman occasionally 🙂

  14. Josh Martin

    At Inplay Football Trading we take this one step further and put the odds in your favour with a goal predicting algorithm set up with an in play data scanner that sends alerts when a goal is due, anyone interested in trading please check it out, we offer a no obligation 1 week free trial to let you test the profits from our predictions.

  15. 1809 1979

    Hi Alex! Great idea, I would like to know what is correct percentage of the bankroll what should I put o back bet?

  16. Agoston Daniel

    You make it a bit too complicated imo, why dont you just stay in the U3.5 market and wait a few minutes?

    1. John Hopkinson

      Because hes offsetting his liability in the u3.5 goals market to break even,its a safety net.

    2. Alex Ong

      Agoston Daniel because the price won’t decrease as quickly, plus if another goal goes in there is more risk in that market. It’s not too complicated, all of the steps are necessary

  17. Liam Hirst

    New sub here, got a lot of catching up on videos to learn about football trading

    1. Rbt

      Use this strategy! Very useful if you learn how to use it:

  18. bongani mhlanga

    betfair is the only platform we can use?

  19. Marko Parać

    Tried this with Liverpool — Ajax game. Odds were around 1.80 for under 3.5 goals which was acceptable (range 1.6-2.0). I dont know whether Ill see a goal in 10min mark any time soon but, so far, no regrets about this strategy. I have a question though, if goal goes in within first 10 minutes, I need to cashout as soon as Ive seen goal going in, which is understandable and take a small loss there. My question is, when I close my under 3.5 goals when the goal is scored, lets say in 7th minute. How much money do I need to put into under 4.5 goal line, same as 3.5 or? (e.g. I put €100 on under 3.5 goals, Ive seen goal going in within first 10 minute, I cashout from 3.5 goal line and put another €100 to under 4.5 goals?) So, profit of 10% is being made only on under 3.5 goal strategy if Ive understood properly Alex? If goal goes in early, we try to mitigate our small loss with 4.5 goals market?
    Thanks man, subscribed, very good explanations.

  20. RitesHiral

    Your open bets have £105 stake on over 3.5 @ 3.0 odds but you’ve not mentioned anything about that, why?

    1. Alex Ong

      RITZGOTTALENT that’s because i am just closing the trade at the best price available. Nothing to mention so please don’t read anything into it

  21. Piet Stijven

    Hey guys. Been working very hard to come up with this. Just check it out please. All free picks and 100% transparancy. Trying to get some followers, thanks a lot =>

  22. Svitlana Ostapchenko

    This is bo;;oaks…watch the Bet Angel videos…and I would like to see your actual real life Betfair profit statements 😂😂😂

  23. Guncho Stoychev

    Hi Alex, really appreciate your way of trading … my question is: if there is a goal in 7th min and we have to back U4,5g with the same steak as U3,5g what is the frame window { usually } when the U4,5g will bring us to the position to get same profit as the amount been lost from the U3,5g market
    thank you

    1. Guncho Stoychev

      @Alex Ong Thank you, looks like is not that complicate…
      So, I do pretty similar tradings as you do, just on a different markets and would like to ask for your opinion as a person having huge experience on the field outside soccer trading.
      So, what I am doing is try to lock a trade on 2x goal markets by laying { most of the time } U4,5g and O3,5g in this position you have outcome of 20¬25% profit unless there are exactly 4 goals in the game…of course I jiggling the things around 55 ¬ 60 min to close the trade and get out with some % profit , but still do not have logical explanation when is the best time { which will be variable } to close the deal and bring the loses under 10% if there are any.
      As I do not like to have the game finished, is there any moment during the game when the cash out could bring me in the position with a profit { regardless of the % } I am able to get out of the trade?

    2. Alex Ong

      Thanks for your comment 😀 It really can vary but generally midway through the first half

  24. Asher Alon

    If you want just 10% you can go from the beginning under 5.25 or something and thats it

  25. Marcelo Augusto Santana

    Hi Alex Ong, thank you very much for your lessons. Learning from your videos here from rasil, hugs! 🇧🇷

    1. N3URO Games

      Opa… Blz .. vc poderia me explicar a estratégia dele ? Pq não sei inglês.
      Chama lá 85989527265 ae a gente troca ideia sobre uma estratégia minha também

  26. Apollo Sun

    recently subbed. nice channel and thanks for the strategies.

  27. Vagabondo

    Please do another video with example. It does not seem to work. If you back under 3,5 with early goal you can loose up to 40%. What is the stake you put on under 4,5 to to cover the 3,5?The 4,5 will have low odds..

  28. milan ajax

    Hey mate, can you maybe make a video where you use the strategy on a few different matches? So we can learn how you anticipate on different scenarios in the different matches like an early goal etc. Would be nice if you could do that

    1. Lee Nettleton

      i can help with things ]

  29. Mario Rossi

    This is the first video that I actually understood and acutely made sense

  30. Ronald Carias

    hi, im still w8ting for the part 2 :C so what to do if goals coming fasting, for exampling at min 20 if 2 goals, what we can to do?

    1. Louie and Hermie The little beasts

      Take it as a loss

  31. temp911Luke

    Hi Alex, According to my calcs if there is a goal in the first 5 mins thats not going to be 1 to 1 (win £10 or lose £10). If there is an early goal the loss gonna be a lot bigger so it would be 1 to 2, win £10 or lose £30 (initially) and then after backing U4.5 and successfull trade you would lose £20 (1 to 2) so basically you would have to win at least twice to even break even and three times to win anything.

    1. David Durham

      @Alex Ong Hey Alex, I wasnt making any sort of criticism. For me, personally, the content is excellent but, I was merely observing the feedback from others and felt my input may explain the negatives. That is all. Keep up the good work

    2. Alex Ong

      David Durham sorry it’s not good enough for you all. I am going to ramp down the football trading videos a little for the moment as I feel the content is pretty good but if people don’t want to watch the videos to the end and listen to everything I say then there isn’t a lot I can do.

      I said I would do a losing scenario in the video… then got COVID…

    3. David Durham

      @Alex Ong Alex, I think many comments on here are borne out of your lack of providing a FULL example which results in individuals making speculative assessments (positive & negative) of the strategy. If you had shown the full story then the negative feedback would not have occurred. Why not publish an example of where an early goal is scored and then your entry into the U4.5 goals market?

    4. Alex Ong

      temp911Luke please don’t draw conclusions from your theory. Based on your comment it seems you don’t understand the whole strategy. You are isolating different aspects of it, which doesn’t work. I’ve said this to another commenter and that is that I use this myself. It isn’t a theoretical strategy, so I know that it works the way I’ve described it. If it’s not for you that’s fine.

  32. Martine Tiyo

    Kindly share your betting tips site link, and how much is the subscription?

  33. Nate Thompson

    Great video Alex. After exhausting a lot of the matched betting offers I was looking for something like this that can cosistently deliver a small boost to my monthly income which I now believe it will do. Ive put £70 in so far and come out with £30 in all of two days. I found on the first few trades I completed that even before kick off the pay out was either right where I needed to be or very close to so it took no time to cash out.

    Im still figuring out a few things such as working out if there has to be enough layed against 3.5 to be able to back it. One example being I traded £40 on a game but it only actually traded £38.50. Could this be something like the lay odds thats caused it? Im not sure but its given me something to work with. My aim is to come out with an extra £250 to £500 a month but if it goes beyond that then great.

    1. Nate Thompson

      @Alex Ong commission it is. Thanks makes sense. Thanks for the reply Alex.

    2. Alex Ong

      You should have had your full £40 matched eventually. If you are referring to £40 profit then that little deficit will be your commission.

  34. Dimitri Lomsadze

    Hey Alex, great video, so what I wanted to ask is… which exchange betting site you recommend cuz betfair is not available in my country, thanks in advance

  35. lorenzo stats

    Hi, I had a question about the Betting Exchange. In a market where there is 0 liquidity (e.g. minor league games days before the match) if I bet at a high price, and another user banks at the same price, does the bet get matched? Thank you

    1. lorenzo stats

      @Alex Ong does it work with an another my account too? If I, with another account, match my order at the same odd, does it work? Are there any risk? Thank you

    2. Alex Ong

      If there is 0 liquidity and you put your order in, you will only get matched if another user then comes and takes the opposite side at the price you want

  36. H Y D E

    Could you not back a goal to be scored between 0-9:59 using another sportsbook to reduce some further risk? The odds of an early goal in the first 10 minutes are normally around 4.0- maybe something like 1-1.5% of your stake on this

    1. Rbt

      Best way to limit losses from betting using money management system:

    2. Alex Ong

      That’s an interesting idea 🙂

  37. Jose Vitoria

    Really good method to mitigate the risk, thanks!!

  38. Trading Advice & Criticism

    not good this one mate. your chasing money.
    it would be better if you choose the same selections. wait for early goal, then jump on the under 4.5g ang go for 20%.
    if another goal goes in, accept the loss and move on to another match.

    1. hamsini sitini

      @Alex Ong What is the strike rate? And on average how many matches qualify in any given weekend on average?

    2. Alex Ong

      mike advisor I won’t try to convince you otherwise, but it is not chasing money. There is a difference between chasing losses and having a strategy that takes into account potential early goals

  39. Marcos Uribe

    Hi Alex, I love so much your channel. Thank you for all the videos, they´re very useful. Greetings from Spain!!

  40. James Green

    in my group we call this the suicide strategy , backing unders 2,5 seeing an early goal and then backing under 3,5 goals , in this video you suggest backing under 3,5 and then if an early goal backing under 4,5 , there is a massive flaw which is that an early goal metric can lead to a landslide of goals ,,, lets take the example of opening goal away PREMIER league 0-5 and 0-1 at 6 minutes , last 115 , 46% ended over 3,5 and 23% ended over 4,5 , and 14/115 had a 2nd goal 6-10 mins time band and 26/115 had the 2nd goal 11-20 mins , the error you are making Alex is trying to fit a very bad strategy which has been doing the rounds for a number of years ….. when you should be reacting to events that occur during the game …. which is what football data and analysis should be about , hopefully the next generation will have better analytical skills then the current crop ? the chap from sports trading life has also done the same video recently but advises backing under 2.5 goals and then if an early goal moving onto 3.5 …

    1. James Green

      @Alex Ong if you google backing unders after an early goal the strategy comes up a few hundred times …

    2. Alex Ong

      James Green I haven’t seen that blog. I just watch the prices of the markets and try to figure out a way to make money. Not sure what your motivation is, but I wish you the best and please do not worry about footie related strategies coming from me. As I said previously I’m a little tired of the trolling.

      Anyway, have a good day and all the best with your Trading.

    3. James Green

      @Alex Ong key may be that this is not your strategy ? this strategy was first blogged about circa 2007 …

    4. Alex Ong

      Thanks for your comment. I’m sure you are a fantastic trader. This works for me and for others in my group. I’m bored of defending my strategies on YouTube hence won’t be posting any in the future.

  41. Edit Guy1

    Can you please do a video on how to compile odds for football matches, more specifically O2.5 market. I see so many of you guys making videos on trading but people need to understand value and prices. Cheers!

    1. Rbt

      @Un Known — is just a 3 min video. Very dodgy! 🙂

    2. Un Known

      @Rbt piss off mate see u posting this on every video of every comment section which means you’re desperate for people too click the link which makes everyone think it’s dodgey as do one pal

    3. Rbt

      Use this strategy! Very useful if you learn how to use it:

  42. 8 Ball Prowler

    So as soon as/if a goal is scored. You immediately, and I mean immediately place a bet on the under 4.5. Then close the 3.5 market. All in quick succession and in that order?

    1. Alex Ong

      The order is to close the 3.5 and then open the 4.5, otherwise you may find yourself in a situation where 2 goals go in and you are nursing two trades.

  43. Johnny Li

    ALEX… your video are fucking horrible….. its NOT A STRATEGY… really need to go back to school and learn some math….LOL

    so many ppl gonna get fucked cuz of watching ur video

  44. Jim Bean

    Sorry I’ve followed your content and a lot of it is very good, but in my opinion it’s very counter intuitive immediately after there’s been a goal to jump into the under 4.5 goal market. I understand the reasoning with the historical goal times, but it makes no sense whatsoever. An early goal can make for a lively encounter where a team reacts or implodes, a goal changes the dynamic of the game entirely and when you’re already at a loss you shouldn’t re-enter for the same reason you entered the first trade because in many instances your analysis of said game could be flawed and it could be playing out very differently than you had predicted as is evident if there has already been an early goal. What do you do if there’s a second early goal? Do you enter under 5.5? It’s almost the same sort of logic as doubling your stakes. Sorry but it’s utter nonsense and in my opinion I’d re-evaluate this and take this video down and release another one with the strategy corrected.

    1. John Hopkinson

      @Jim Bean Its all dependant on the inplay stats and the course of the game through watching it that determines whether its a good idea to re-enter the market,if there is potential for profit of course its a good idea to re-enter..I dont need to think hard,90 minutes is a long time and games can change in an instant,taking a loss and then giving up is self defeatist especially when you can indentify other possibilities…Self-explanatory !

    2. Jim Bean

      @John Hopkinson if you think re-entering a market after a loss is good idea then I’d strongly recommend you to think hard about that one. And my bad, when I said about the £60-£80 loss I was thinking about the under/over 2.5 goal market but the principle remains the same. Never mind though I’m sure you’re doing extremely well with your trading and I’m glad there’s people like you who think re-entering markets after a loss is a good idea; without those that think like you I wouldn’t be making a living from this 🙂

    3. John Hopkinson

      @Jim Bean Actually that is the absolute correct odds for this strategy anything less or over 1.6 — 2.0 is not profitable,pre game research is key …Its interesting you say you have pointed out a flaw yet you fail to describe what the flaw is and offer any explanation why it is flawed…Its a risk to reward strategy based on an over 50 % s/r there is nothing flawed about it if you hit your numbers,if you dont then either your pre game research is bad or unfortuantely variance has decided to kick your ass,however over a sustained period adopting this strategy with a decent sample size that can be offset and profit made no problem.

    4. John Hopkinson

      @Jim Bean Thats incorrect an early goal in 10 minutes would offset you by 10 — 15 % of your stake no more than that,not sure where you are getting £60 — £80 from when your stake is £200..You clearly didnt watch the video

    5. Jim Bean

      Also this strategy isn’t great. I’ve trialed it before and the R:R is very tight so very difficult to be profitable and not worth it. You took £20 profit then and had there been an early goal you’d be losing £60-£80. So that means you need 4 or 5 right in a row to be profiting, and when you also factor in you’ll be trading in markets where goals are generally expected as you’d want at least even money on the under side of the market then it’s a very tough one to crack…

  45. John Hopkinson

    Are you having a laugh ? what are you talking about you only lose 15 — 20 % on your stake if an early goal goes in,thats not true..Your stake immediately drops by around 35 — 45 % when a goal goes in on the under 3.5 goals..If you noticed on your screen when it looked like an early goal had gone in but hadnt your potential profit was minus £76.91.

    1. Alex Ong

      John Hopkinson lol again someone who hasn’t understood the strategy. I’m not even offended anymore, you guys just make me laugh. But it’s ok. I’ll stop putting strategies out there for free. Save myself some of the hassle of comments like yours. Merry Christmas 🎄

  46. Mobasher Sharifi

    If you bet away under 3.5 which result will win ?

  47. diamond dave

    Are we looking for a team like arsenal?

    1. Alex Ong

      Haha we couldn’t trust Arsenal to do anything right at the moment

  48. Mark Gillespie

    Having tried u2.5 markets (Risk/ reward 2/1), had high hopes for this one. Given limited choices at 1.6 odds Ive stumbled on a few games with 2 goals in first 20. You need 4 successful trades to cancel that out, while even 1 goal leaves you staring at losses anyway.

    1. Alex Ong

      That seems unlucky more than anything as this is not my experience with this approach. What criteria are you using for your match selection?

  49. Betting Tips Soccer

    A way to win the bets very easily .. You have to narrate the clip on my channel

  50. T -Bone

    My betfair site looks not the same like yours i dont have the exchange tab at the top mine starts with the sports betting tab can it have to do something with my country or are there settings i can change?

    1. T -Bone

      I am on website but i am from austria so maybe they are different

    2. Alex Ong

      Are you on the app of website?

  51. Fernando Bortolaz

    And if are 2 fast gols when your u 4,5 still open, what do you do? Close with big loss? Thanks

  52. Gary

    Do you have the profit statement to show us?

  53. Angheluta Andrei

    You have many great video about soccer trading and a lot of useful know how. Thanks for sharing and I hope in the future you look into tennis market as well, its has many opportunities and challenges.

  54. G D

    This is an old and well used strategy. Match selection is key and even then you will have games with plenty of early goals. Good video nonetheless with regards to opening newbie trader eyes.

    1. Rbt

      Use this strategy! Very useful if you learn how to use it:

  55. Neil Barnett

    Hi Alex

    Really interested in trying out this strategy. I remember watching your under 2.5 goals strategy, where you place staggered Lays at certain odds to reduce your liabilities. Do you think something similar for the Under 3.5 goals would work, to further reduce liabilities and the amount of time youd have to spend in the Under 4.5 Goals market to get to the 10% loss target?

    If so, what lay prices would you recommend to queue? Eg, I place £200 to back Under 3.5 Goals at 1.70. Would I be best to place lays at 1.60 and 1.50 for say, £50 each?

    Thanks for your time!

    1. Alex Ong

      Hi Neil,
      This market doesnt really drop as quickly so I dont apply the same principles.

  56. Game Cars

    saw this video yesterday, applied the method on todays game Hoffenheim vs Augsburg, thanks a lot for it. Look forward to finding the way you discover these kinds of matches with odds between 1.6-2.0 and not many goals scored during the first 15 minutes in a free way, rather than pay for a premium tool

    1. Rbt

      Use this strategy! Very useful if you learn how to use it:

  57. Paul Wilkinson

    if a goal went in on 15mins the price on under 4.5 would be 1.43 (same as U3.5 is now)

    1. Rbt

      @Alex Ong Best way to limit losses from betting using money management system:

    2. Alex Ong

      But you wouldnt be in the trade at the 15 in mark

  58. El Astronaute

    Basically to those struggling in the comments, I think hes saying aim to make 10% profit in the under 3.5 goals market. When the early goal does materialise, jump straight into the 4.5 goal market for the same stake and take the price. Close the position in the 3.5 goals market (after the price settles) then you wait until youve made enough in the under 4.5 goal market to bring your loss down to 10% overall. So say you lost 20% in the 3.5 goals market, you want to be getting 10% back in the 4.5 goals market. Then close out. That way, you only have to be right 50% of the time to make a profit though this isnt quite true because sometimes theres going to be another goal and then the under 4.5 goals market is going to shoot out in price and youll actually take a much bigger hit than the initial 20%. So there is always a risk. But that is the general idea here. I guess its on the basis that given the appropriate match selection the goal may just be a sort of fluke and then initially the under 4.5 goals market will over react to the goal and when there isnt a goal for some time afterwards the under 4.5 goals market will significantly decrease and you then get out after making enough of what you lost in the under 3.5 goals market back to bring your overall loss down to 10%. As with any strategy its all about match selection.

    1. David Durham

      Basically to those struggling in the comments, I think hes saying aim to make 10% profit in the under 3.5 goals market. When the early goal does materialise, jump straight into the 4.5 goal market for the same stake and take the price. Close the position in the 3.5 goals market (after the price settles) then you wait until youve made enough in the under 4.5 goal market to bring your loss down to 10% overall. So say you lost 20% in the 3.5 goals market (###e.g. £100 original stake = loss= £20???###), you want to be getting 10% (###of your original £100 stake = £10???###) back in the 4.5 goals market. Then close out. That way, you only have to be right 50% of the time to make a profit though this isnt quite true because sometimes theres going to be another goal and then the under 4.5 goals market is going to shoot out in price and youll actually take a much bigger hit than the initial 20%. So there is always a risk. But that is the general idea here. I guess its on the basis that given the appropriate match selection the goal may just be a sort of fluke and then initially the under 4.5 goals market will over react to the goal and when there isnt a goal for some time afterwards the under 4.5 goals market will significantly decrease and you then get out after making enough of what you lost in the under 3.5 goals market back to bring your overall loss down to 10%. As with any strategy its all about match selection.
      Im not confident this actually works — would be good to see the guy do a live trade!!!)

    2. Rbt

      Best way to limit losses from betting using money management system:

    3. Jep

      Thank you very much for the explanation. 😀

    4. Alex Ong

      Absolutely. Thanks for the clarifying things for everyone 😀

  59. Nirav Vakharia

    Hi Alex. want to join you course but I have a few questions if anyone could help. I emailed and msgd on your Facebook n instagram handles as well. Heres my question / questions.

    Im from india and Im not sure if the tradethestats app will be available in the india App Store. how can you solve this?
    Betfair isnt available in india but what I use can get me the usual odds of major leagues and the goals market. thats about it. does that work ?

    help me figure out the about and Id love to sign up the very next minute.

    thanks alot in positive anticipation.


  60. Jedisson Ortiz Benjumea

    Alex buenos dias¡ Un saludo muy cordial desde Medellin — Colombia bro!! Espero que estés súper bien de salud! Compa quiero agradecerte por el gran contenido de valor que aportas en tus videos, la verdad el contenido que aportas es de mucho mas valor que el contenido de algunos cursos de trading deportivo y he aprendido demasiado en tus videos. Tu canal es de gran ayuda para las personas que queremos vivir del trading deportivo. Ya gracias a Dios tengo mi cuenta lista para empezar a practicar todo lo aprendido. Sigue con ese gran contenido para todos y tu Dios te compensara esa buena obra!! Bendiciones!! Un abrazo desde Medellín — Colombia

  61. Tom Corcoran

    Alex — whats the reasoning behind the minimum odds requirement?  

    I get that over 2.00 would potentially mean the market knows something we dont, but is the minimum there to ensure a quick enough time decay so the 10% profit can be achieved?

    Great video as always, thank you.

    1. Rbt

      Use this strategy! Very useful if you learn how to use it:

  62. acustick1

    A bet that i like to do is bet on both teams to score and bet on the slight maybe evens or odds on favourite to win so i get say 5/4 for both teams to score i get 4/5 for home team so basically as long as the odds on favourite scores im on a free bet now if you pick good value or womens matches odds on favourites score alot so you will surely get alot of free bets if you get say 3-1 or 2-1 youve got a double whammy evens bet just an idea:)

  63. Владимир Романов

    Hi Alex! will there be a continuation of this topic?

  64. Sadio Salah

    To generate decent profits using this credible system, you need a betting bank of at least £20k in my opinion.
    With a 5% (£1k) liability on each trade you decide enter.

    1. MrAllanfd

      @John Hopkinson Yes, absolutely. He may find getting out with a 1k stake at a price he wants is not easy in some matches.

    2. Rbt

      @John Hopkinson — Use the RbtBet website. You can set a higher Added Profit per won bet. You can increase it as you want.

    3. John Hopkinson

      The 5% liability on each trade is ridiculous,no more than 2% and really 1% on a 20k bankroll,anytime you risk 5% on your bankroll is a quick way to burning your way through it if variance decides to kick your ass.

    4. Rbt

      Use this strategy! Very useful if you learn how to use it:

    5. Sadio Salah

      @Alex Ong Absolutely!

      50k bank for example.
      Liability 2500 on a single trade…you can EXIT that trade in way less than 10 minutes (no goals obviously) for Less risk (time) and Green up substantially which I would imagine is how you roll or similar.

      All Relative indeed

  65. David Prendergast

    Hi Alex. You mention waiting until half time to trade out if a second goal has gone in, putting you in a loss on both U3.5 and U4.5. What if a third goal goes in? Trade out and take an immediate loss on both markets? Thats just the one tiny little thing missing in this video, what to do in the worst case scenario?

    1. Alex Ong

      If a 3rd goes in you either take the big loss, or you can look at mitigating the risk in the correct score markets or other over/under markets.

    2. David Prendergast

      Sorry, I realise the U3.5 position will already be closed once you place the U4.5 bet. But the same question, what happens if a third goal goes in before HT, trade out for a bigger loss than you would like instantly?

  66. Manqoba Kunene

    I love these type of strategies, quick question…how large can my bet be? I mean does bet size affect the strategy?

    1. Rbt

      Best way to limit losses from betting using money management system:

  67. james waugh

    not finding many games with 1.6 or above all tho making profit but with odds lower at 1.4

  68. Georgios Alexopoulos

    is it possible to do those trades in a not exhange market?

    1. Rbt

      Best way to limit losses from betting using money management system:

    2. Sadio Salah

      You need to Back and LAY

  69. Ryan C

    Its hard to find decent games in the under 3.5 goals between 1.6 and 2.0. Most u 3.5 are under 1.4

    1. Sean Murphy

      I won yesterday under 3:5 12 games ten pound stake 137 returns championship games and two from league one

  70. Karim Hrichi

    Hi Alex, great video like always and i like the sound of the strategy. I will for sure give it a try.
    Maybe you can just record your own trading sessions and when you make a video about a strategy for example this strategy under 3.5 then you can put the trade examples in that video with your voice over explaining what happens in that trade. So you can let us see different out comes of a strategy without hoping that your trade will lose or waiting for a early goal.

    Keep up the good work. Cheers

    1. Rbt

      Best way to limit losses from betting using money management system:

  71. Matthew Brown

    Hi Alex, great content and nice strategies. Ive been dabbling with under 2.5 goals for a while and doing pretty well and wondered if the logic of minimising u3.5 losses by jumping into u4.5 when a goal is conceded would also work as well on u2.5 games? In other words if an early goal is conceded close out the u2.5 trade and jump into u3.5?

    1. Jim Banda

      @Matthew Brown The unders yes , but really its just speculative in the event that someone loses the plot up at 4.5 and gives me a tasty back.

      To be honest, I dont trade 2.5 ever, so Im not really informed enough to speak on it , other than saying Id rather go up to 4.5 after a goal.
      The thing that serves me best is to trade out of 3.5 immediately on first goal, the loss will be about one third of your opening stake so it should be retrievable with three smooth trades and there are plenty of opportunities all day or all evening.
      The 2.5 spooks me like the 1minute goal does, I just react badly to it, so I stick to 3.5 and simple fav betting on tennis . I never do overs. Best wishes.

    2. Matthew Brown

      @Jim Banda That makes a lot of sense moving from 2.5 to 4.5, I seem to have been hit by a few goals close together recently. Is the back bet on 4.5 on the overs or unders? I assume unders but Im not sure what the practical benefit would be, dont you run the risk of then having a back bet thats lower than where the market moves to after an early goal?

    3. Jim Banda

      Another thing I do in many games is, if trading the U3.5 , I will often wait 90secs to place the stake, the odds rarely move and It has often meant i avoided that %*&@#ing 1 Goal . There is something about that one minute goal that hurts more than 5mins etc.. it conjurs up thoughts of a fix and all sorts lol.

    4. Jim Banda

      I dont think so, or at least i would not do it. A quick second goal will destroy the 2.5 and the 3.5 pretty much. I would go up to 4.5 after a goal on either , or the 5.5 if its strong for a little while. I trade 3.5 and usually leave a Back bet on the 4.5 well above the sp but approx where it should go if the early goal hits me on 3.5 . I only look for maybe 50-80% of my loss on 3.5 , then i move on , closing out that game. Hope things are working out for you.

  72. Trademate Sports

    Awesome video! Love the advice on managing risk.

  73. Peter Bergman

    The problem with all these low profit systems is one bad result will wipe out all your profit. Forget about statistics. Just because a team havent scored for a month it doesnt mean they wont score four in their next game.

  74. apal _

    Does anyone know any site I can trade if I am not from uk and just over 18?

    1. Rbt

      Best way to limit losses from betting using money management system:

  75. David Tempest

    which site do I get the stats from?

    1. Rbt

      Best way to limit losses from betting using money management system:

    2. Marty L Trade; Soccerway for Pre-match analysis. In-game Sofascore, Flashscore Combine both and you will see better results. Make sure you are selecting your marches well.

  76. TDV Gaming

    Could you make a video on how to select games for this strategy

  77. michael johnson

    Please please please make a next video on this strategy

    1. Rbt

      Best way to limit losses from betting using money management system:

  78. Raw Potato

    Hi Alex thanks for nice video. Can we use this strategy on under 2.5 goals too???

    1. Alex Ong

      No not really as the markets dont move exactly the same way

  79. Steve Mayes

    Hi Alex
    Theres hardly any games at odds of 1.6-2.0 for under 3.5 I go through days where theres non at all.

    1. Steve Mayes

      Alex just out of interest how much would you aim to make each month just a rough estimate. And can you use any staking plan say £10 for this or would you recommend a Higher Bank roll and do you always stick to 10% profit.

    2. Steve Mayes

      @Alex Ong ok Alex thanks ill keep looking for games under 3.5.

    3. Alex Ong

      Steve Mayes first you can afford to have days with no trades. Trading for a living isn’t about trading and making money everyday. If try to do this you’ll end up losing money. You focus on only taking the right trades and then taking bigger positions. But yes you can add other systems for sure.

      But please don’t feel you need to trade everyday that’s a big mistake new traders make.

    4. Steve Mayes

      @Alex Ong I do understand that but if your looking to do it for a living you cant afford to have days with no trading. Would you incorporate another system in between?

    5. Alex Ong

      Steve Mayes that may be the case but making money trading isn’t about volume of trades it’s about quality.

  80. MLM School

    can we see that video please

  81. Alex Ong

    Thanks for watching. I know that this strategy may sound a little complicated and I do intend to upload another video showing the risk mitigation aspect of the strategy, but if you have any questions please post them below.

    1. Yokhanan Ngada

      Do you have a signal page in telegram or something

    2. Sarah Malone

      Please how do I trade with him?

    3. Jkings

      Ive worked with 4 traders in the past, but none of them is effecient as he is, his trading skills are excellent!

    4. Joe3009 A

      I lost £1200 carelessly trading on a platform then I was referred to Mr Mike. He recovered losses and made profit of £4600 immediately

    5. Nelson Wick

      Trading on your own is very risky
      Ive lost a lot trading for myself

  82. Aoki Jannick

    wont you get action blocked by the sites after a while?

    1. Aoki Jannick

      @Alex Ong are you sure? I am mainly betting on bet365

    2. Alex Ong

      No because this is exchange trading, so they need your liquidity.

  83. will page

    Is it actually mitigating risk though? or just increasing hit rate? What if early goal so you take the loss on under 3.5, so double down on under 4.5 and then another quick goal. Seems a lot like its just doubling down on a losing position. Im not sure its really a +EV play in theory to do this every game. The +EV on the second bet comes when the game was tight and a lucky early goal causes 4.5 to get priced incorrectly, not on games which are surprisingly open.

    1. Alex Ong

      It isnt simply doubling down. You have to take into account the probability that the game will finish with over X goals when taking these trades. It isnt take the trade for the sake of it, there is certain criteria that has to be met.


  84. SparkE Gamer

    Helllo bro
    I m from india
    Betfair is ban in india
    Can you gave me a verified betfair account?

    1. SparkE Gamer

      @hamsini sitini
      But bro i want betfair only.. Betfair verified account man help me pls

    2. hamsini sitini

      @SparkE Gamer Betfair has allowed 3rd paties to setup betting sites with access to betfair liquidity. One such agent is Betinasia , bet-ibc etc. So if you cannot access betfair directly you can go through these sites and bet on betfair.

    3. hamsini sitini

      look for a betfair white label like Betinasia.

  85. Gary K

    Sorry but your numbers are off. You say your loss for an early goal is 15-20% but if no early goal you get our for 10%, well that makes your R:R 2:1 not 1:1 and typically that loss is more like 40% for an early goal not 20% and then you are looking to enter another rmarket where the price has already collapsed? Bad advice.

    1. Gary K

      @Alex Ong Alex aplogies if I have misunderstood, I have a finance backgroud too (7 years in the city of London) but perhaps I got it wrong. I know on the under 2.5 an early goal is around a 35%-40% initial loss, its a case of then either taking the red, doubling down or staying in the game.

      I wish you well.

    2. Alex Ong

      Gary K lol you clearly don’t understand the strategy. But thanks for the comment. It would be great if just one person that posts a comment like yours actually does their research and tests it rather than thinking they know what they are talking about. I have a finance background so numbers are my thing. I use this strategy so I know how it works.

      Perhaps in future before making random comments take some time to understand the strategy and test. Maybe even ask a question if something doesn’t seem right. Then pass judgment. I find this approach works pretty well in life in general.

  86. David Stock

    Can you use these strategies using Smarkets?

  87. Kristjan Vinderslev

    But there are no games that starts with odds from 1,6-2.0 for under 3,5 goals, there typically starts at 1,23 and after 5 min. down to 1,19..

    1. Kristjan Vinderslev

      @Alex Ong Hi Alex and thank you for answering, I have been looking and looking but can’t find any match with that kind of odds, yes you did it on the video 🙃

    2. Alex Ong

      There are absolutely games. I demonstrated it it on this video.

  88. MikiKuba

    Can i ask you, did you bet 200 before match for over 3,5 goals? And then show the video example, i am quite confused 😃thank you good job anyway

    1. Pedro Rodrigues

      He placed a pre match bet on under 3.5 goals and closed with 10% profit

  89. Steve Bets

    Would you back the under 4.5 with the same amount as the under 3.5 if you had to go to that market? So £200 in your case?

  90. Daniel KL

    Hey bro, cash out box dissapeared when the match started. Why? It was there before but as soon as game started it dissapeared

    1. Jimmy Patel

      @Petey Power i think its cause im in australia. As soon as the game starts cash out goes away

    2. Petey Power

      @Jimmy Patel maybe because odds were moving so quick.. it wouldve come back…eventually.. right??

    3. Jimmy Patel

      @Petey Power yeah same thing happens to me

  91. Thokozani Mbatha

    Thanks for informative vedeo , would you please recommend an football trading app to use

  92. Ant Moore

    What would be your advise say if a third goal was to go in before half time,would you take the loss on both markets.

    1. Rbt

      Best way to limit losses from betting using money management system:

    2. J M

      @Sean Morgan Yes, sorry, poorly worded comment. My point was supposed to be that the unexpected happens more often than most would believe, so strategies like this should be taken with extreme caution if viewed as profitable/easy money. A couple of freak games in a row would no doubt wipe out any profits, or plunge you straight into the red, which makes this feel more gamble than trade.

    3. Sean Morgan

      Yes, but with the Palace game the second goal didnt come until 30th minute, and it was 1-1 at half time so the strategy would have worked.

    4. J M

      @Ant Moore yeah this sounds far too close to gambling for comfort. Would be very interested in seeing a long term P&L for this. Just take West Brom vs Palace this week.. 1-5… whod have thought that game would ever have 6 goals.

    5. Ant Moore

      @robert price thats why I wouldnt do this trade,its to much of a gamble,I prefer to lay around evens,then I know my liability,and keep my profit and loss one to one, usually correct score or lay the draw,I do quite well with that.

  93. Jimmy Patel

    hey alex love the videos mate. Ive got an idea with this strategy instead of waiting for a goal to be scored then to jump in the under 4.5 market why dont you place a position on the 4.5 awell as the 3.5 and if there is an early goal atleast you secured the 4.5 market at a higher price and if no goal is scored you can just exit both trades at the same time for a better profit. Thoughts ?

    1. Pedro Rodrigues

      The early goal would boost the -4.5 odd and if u bet at pre match odds you wont have same value. It would take longer to recover your lost and thats more risk

  94. Mike Perry

    Is cashing out during In-play match the same thing as football trading

    1. Alex Ong

      I am demonstrating a cash out way of doing it as my videos are for new traders and I dont want to show them something that requires software that they need to pay for.

  95. Frank sports betfair Api

    I need betfait verified account or live api

  96. Darren Hawkins

    You have some amazing content. when will you be making more stock videos on how to pick them, entry etc. Cheers

    1. Lam Nguyen

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  97. Lukáš Mikšovský

    Can you please answer us, when second part will be? Thanks.

  98. MrAllanfd

    Alex does not state that you should also look for matches where there is sufficient liquidity in this market so that in play betting ensures you can use the system .

    1. Alex Ong

      MrAllanfd sorry what you say is correct. I assume that this goes without saying.

  99. james waugh

    hi all which is the best football stats site

    1. Rbt

      Best way to limit losses from betting using money management system:

    2. Rob Gibbins is decent

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