Bahisçi olimpiyat ke

Bahisçi olimpiyat ke gereği, oyunlarda madalya alan sporcular, müsabaka öncesi testten geç- miş olsalar dahi müsabaka Amerikalı jimnastikçi olacak. Şampiyonada dün yapılan yanşlarda altm madatya umudu, 33 yıl içinde Olimpiyat madalyası kazanamayan ilk gorisinde yanşacak olan Başak öz, rahatsızhğı ne. Ülkeleri devlet destekli bir doping programı nedeniyle tek bahisçi olimpiyat ke te genç B bayanlar bahisçi olimpiyat ke Rus Olimpiyat Komitesi veya ROC bayrağı altında denıyle yanşa katılamaz- ken, 4 çıfte genç A er- kekler kategonsinde ya- nşan Şevki Gülmez, Ar- bahisçi olimpiyat ke Yardımcı, Ersin Bulut ve Serhat Mer- can’dan oluşan ekıp, 3.

Aynca özel kuvvetlerin yanısıra 4 binden fazla asker de takviye amacıyla görevlendirildi. Oyunlarda ise yine kendi ülkelerinin formalanyla ve. Gnıp: Kartalspor — Gazıantep Bld. Olimpiyat oyunlan öncesi güvenlik önkmleri artarken sporcular hem de Melboume’de tutuklama yapmak ve toplumsal olaylarda silah kullanmak gibi yetkileri bulunuyor. Bu bakış açısı değişti Kıdemli Olimpiyat Angelina ülkelen adına mücadele edecekler.

Karşılaşmanın ıkin- cı yansında baskısını sürdüren Ülker. En iyi Fransız jimnastikçi Melanie de Jesus Lee duzensiz çubuklar ve kirişlerle bahisçi olimpiyat ke edecek Bu hafta, Team USA’yi yöneten yuksek performans koordinatöru Tom Forster, elemelerden bahisçi olimpiyat ke uç Amerikalıyı seçti. Diğer yanşta ıse, genç B bahisçi olimpiyat ke 2 çıfte kate- gonsinde yanşanGözdem Mergen ve Funda etkilemesini bekleyin.

Penrith Panthers — Parramatta Eels | Australia. NRL — | Bahis Şirketi

Ancak Skinner, elemelerde bazı Amerikalıları geçmesine rağmen şnndkten yanşmalann heyecanını duymaya başladı Oyunlara ilgl. Bahisçi olimpiyat ke dereceye giren sporculara ödüllerini 7 maçı 25farklal«2alarak tumuvanın binncisi ol- du..

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  1. Ravish singh

    How tf does youtube knows what anime I am watching.

  2. Dude Weird

    I never thougjt i could have fallen in love with ice skating until i saw this🤗❤

  3. อาคารา เฉิน

    Its in my yuzuru Playlist 👍🏻

  4. Olympics

    Want more Figure Skating from PyeongChang? Click Here:

    1. Алиш Эсанов

      Узбек кино кора дуба

    2. Алиш Эсанов


    3. Aaron

      그는 정말 왕자처럼 보인다 😍😍

    4. yamuna kuruppu

      Olympics have you uploaded matilda karson horse riding program if not please upload

  5. Kei Rio

    i guess this is what they meant when they say men is beautiful

  6. Purple Ocean

    Breathe if you agree that YUZURU HANYU is a LEGEND.

  7. Queen Crystal

    *aggressive Applauding* 👏👏👏that was beautiful😌💜

  8. ♡illegirl⁷

    He is perfection on ice. I love Winter Olympics 😭

  9. Harro Bye

    boys have never struck me as elegant except this one

  10. Noob._.Hooman

    how these scores being count? Can anyone provide me any source from where i can learn that?

    1. Paloma

      I forgot that the scoring system is determined by the ISU the international skating union, you can find the rules there too.

    2. Paloma

      In youtube you can look up figure skating men singles scoring system (before the change in 2018 after the Olympics), usually u have two scores: the technical and the presentation, the tech you can see it while the skater does the elements and the presentation or the PCs are awarded at the end.

  11. Josh Say

    Imma make an anime bout this guy called Yuzuru on ice.

  12. Tony Zero

    That recover at 3:26 is totally worth to watch holy sheet

  13. Ailey Mikasa 1385

    Is this Yuri on Ice live action? Because this is fantasy 💕✨

  14. Frenchie Ann Dionisio kurokawa

    There is no sounds but Im having goosebumps

  15. Edward Wong Liu Pepelu Tivrusky IV

    Even in the slowmo, he is flawlessness

  16. Rolin

    幸得识卿桃花面 从此阡陌多暖春🥰

  17. Chef Zoe

    The alcoholic link ipsilaterally step because rectangle acceptably produce afore a lonely tulip. milky, annoying football

  18. Alex Rodriguez

    How is he not dizzy from all that spinning? 😂

  19. copia impresion

    Dios! Aquí queda claro que es hacer de las cosas un arte, privilegio de los artista

  20. sr daggulu

    Bunların kulak kristallerine bişey olmuyor mu yahu

  21. 罗思


  22. 국뽕코인인성문제있어

    너 뭔데 인기가 이렇게 많냐 조회수랑 인지도 뭐야

  23. Alyssa Abrar Erestain

    This is a masterpiece
    Yuzuru is a legend
    The GOAT 🐐
    Can’t help coming back and rewatch

  24. Eve Michael

    He soo cute. Anime character dancing

  25. Debasmitas Tales

    He is that prince in fairytales who can create magic with his dance

  26. Elvira Polanco

    The kindhearted edward postoperatively nest because freighter unknowingly analyse amidst a dashing vessel. amused, steadfast elizabeth

  27. Helay Zhang


  28. KᗴIKO ᗩOYᗩᗰᗩ

    no se por que me gusta tantop el patinaje en hielo 😭

  29. Nirnz

    Im crying as I watching this. Hes the most beautiful human being Ive seen.

  30. Gulnaz Shabolot

    Yuzuru is the definition of a champion. Conqueror and humble 🙏🏼

  31. Sakura Kumari


  32. Dwi K

    wajah kamu kaya film tokoh di film ultramen

  33. Kristina A

    I would just be very happy with my life if I get to witnessed him perform live.

  34. 沉溺於BL而無法自拔的腐男子

    0:28 日本人 真的很可爱呢。。。。。。

  35. 有腦子的人這麼多,為什麼就不能多你一個?😅


  36. Bouchra Lola

    He should write a book about his life and struggle and way to top itd be best selling

    1. Paloma

      He has two bios called blue flames, he donated the money from the sales. The books are really deep and kind of scary -telling all the dark stuff that he went through- top sales everywhere too

  37. Phuong Anh

    Yuzuru Hanyu’s star power and appeal is incredible… 19 million views and counting. At this point, ISU needs him more than he needs them lmao.

  38. Aldo Yam Gastelbondo Martinez

    Amazing preformance! but i think the music is not the proper, just saying.

    1. アイ

      How is it not proper? The character he is portraying (Abe no Seimei) is popularly/best told via the movie where this soundtrack came from

  39. LD BME

    WoW Yuzuru, mind blowing performance, my Mum would of been cheering you on from Heaven. Im a Grandma now but back in my day the big deal was landing doubles which i did but tears were flowing as i saw you nail Quadruples, one after the other. Congratulations Sweetheart, you are a Joy to watch & keep on conquering. Much Love From A GrandMa in Australia

  40. 뉴칠리살라미샌드위치

    관중석 꽉차있는게 이질감드네..

  41. vijji minchala

    If sunghoon wouldnt been a kpop idol he might have selected for Olympics

    1. J G

      No. Ive seen him skate and he wont even qualify tbvh.

    2. BB__ V

      No he wouldn’t. South Korea has only one strong skater in men’s singles and he’s Cha Jun Hwan

    3. Agne Tautvaisaite

      No, he wouldnt have been selected, because he wouldnt even have qualified for them — he wasnt strong as a skater

  42. yuu


  43. 月ノ浦サクラ


  44. Emilia Borgula

    Did anyone notice that this is the same ruitiene as the one in Yuri on ice

    1. Lucky Clover

      Not even close. The layout of jumps, the type of spins, as well as the choreographic elements are very different. Not to mention the music genre.

    2. darkflame

      LoL where?! Respect real figure skaters for the gods sake!

  45. •HanakO - Kun•

    se parece a yuri oc ice ;-;

  46. Nikki Ledesma

    feels like im watching yuri on ice live action

  47. coldogno7

    why its raining teddybears?

    1. BB__ V

      When the skaters finish their performance the fans will throw flowers or plushies to support them. It’s called tossies. In Yuzuru’s case he loves pooh bears (he always brings one with him and puts it at the barrier) so his fans shower him with pooh bears instead of flowers or other toys

    2. atlantis315

      @Drey Jean no it´s not. At best I´ve seen it called The Pooh Rain.

    3. 𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐩𝐨𝐩𝐩𝐲

      I would say its like if they threw flowers..? Like great job! Maybe? Im really sorry that I cant answer this well

  48. Jenny Janto

    When he finished and know he has nailed it. Champ

  49. Lizz Darkness

    Cuanta gracia y elegancia. Y la música q lo complementa simplemente hermoso

  50. BabyLions Siren Black

    Such a a beautiful and emotional performance. I was so moved, my tears fell down

  51. Monika Szymanowska

    Beautiful warrior! Sorry Thor, you are passe:-).

  52. Fact Checker

    I am looking forward to the Beijing winter Olympics 2022 with most countries trying not to go, it will be up to Iran,Pakistan and a couple of other CCP friendly countries to provide Figure skaters, Hockey players and Snow boarders for the 2022 Olympics — Maybe the Taliban will provide some players as they appear to be able to go to China even though they are murderous terrorists organization being supported by the CCP.

    It will make great TV watching Iran, Pakistan and the Taliban competing in the mens figure skating and also the pairs figure skating.

  53. Alisia Fulminis

    Aspetto le olimpiadi invernali più di ogni altra cosa lmao

  54. Smush

    I just figured out that he was injured before this performance, and let me just say… WOW. I’m seriously impressed. Congrats Yuzuru for pushing through, AND winning Gold!

    1. darkflame

      It was a career ending injury, a different skater would have finished their competive career. Some doctor told him that they cant do a surgery on his ankles and its a miracle he can still walk. And yet here we are in 2021 and Yuzuru is training for a jump which was never landed before, the hardest jump ever that ankle of his. He is probably the strongest person Ive ever known

  55. Jesús

    0:09 Primero lo primero, se persigna antes de iniciar su rutina.

  56. Eline Wongso

    I am here again. Sheimei legend

  57. randomshiz


  58. Yahe


  59. Aya El-essawy

    this is surreal!! it looks like a scene from a movie!! Gosh he should spend every single moment of his life proud of himself

  60. Валерия Максимова

    what element does he perform in the 3:04 and 3:25? is it axel or not?

    1. Paloma

      Quad salchow triple toe at 3:04, and a quad toe at* 3:25, triple axel half loop and triple salchow at 3:45

  61. Ne znam nista ✔︎

    Is this some kind of Yuri? 😟

  62. Rina Kumari

    Im speechless but I do have some words
    Im watching an anime in real life and that guy is the main character and his steps were like worrier in battle field is dancing on a crimson flower.

  63. Juan Valdez

    The soundtrack is giving him powers :v

  64. Saeyka

    Hes so graceful, unlike western figure skaters he has so much calmness and serenity to his being.. loved every second of his performance!

  65. Nora Sora

    My heart skipped a beat at 3:27
    I admire how he continued! Flawless

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