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106 thoughts on “Köpek koşuyor online bahis

  1. Terri Kilgore

    I would NOT intentionally put my dog in a situation like that. I have an APBT, my second, and she lives inside … sleeps in the bed. But, I have no doubt she would protect me if she felt I was in danger.

  2. Sery Pascal

    Le puma reste plus fort que le dogo où que n’importe quel chien…

  3. Thoriq Wildan

    Its very stupid to pit a dog against a big cat. Even the savage dog in the world is no match for a big cat

  4. Tiger BladeSoul

    I think puma will be win

  5. Greg Doty

    Dont compare just play the videos

  6. 승이

    퓨마도 하악질 하네..

  7. Photos VJC

    Maybe if there were two or three dogos versus the puma the dogs would have a chance. In this case the puma has no fangs and more than likely was declawed

  8. Raven Knight

    Cougar are ferocious and aggressive cats. They will take down any dog if it wants too. A cougar will rip them apart.

  9. shubham sinha

    Leopard will easily eat 3 of them

  10. Felipe Gutierrez

    Dios ese puma no tiene colmillos que crueldad. De lo contrario el puma hace pedazos al dogo

  11. Xmen Xmen

    Where is video argentino vs leopard 🤨👎

  12. Peyerit

    It would take minimum 3 full grown dogs to beat any big cat

  13. Javier Grossi Rivera

    Le ponen una cadena de barco que pu.animalada

  14. ivan borgia

    Dogo: im stronger
    Puma: no im strongest
    HouseCat: im gonna dominate humans

  15. Sangram Parida

    Dog not kill a big cat alone

  16. Tyler Goff

    And Ive personally watched one dog snuff the life out of cat,coyote,coon and fox. They crush the larynx and you can hear it.

  17. zrck33_

    el dogo es una mezcla de perros de otros paises, no es originario de america como otros perros de latam

  18. Boost Junkie

    No dog in the world stands a snowballs chance in hell against a full grown male cougar.

  19. OMD Integral

    The dogo argentino is dog of other nivel

  20. Pooja Sharma

    Kitne ka hai yah kutta rate bataiye

  21. hombre MISTERIOSO

    Aver un dogo c o n 16 tigres aver dime quién gana chivo de dogo argentino tengo 3 tigres y un dogo y el dogo lo tieneiedo el tigre gana pdj

  22. Arthur Schopenhauer

    bullshit puma is easily beat it

  23. Nikunj Rai

    the cougars fangs and claws are taken out

  24. Ahmed Senussi

    Argentino Dog is domesticated no match for a mountain lion Argentino dog has its food served on a plate A Couger has to hunt for its food

  25. Guille383

    Comparing a Dog to an Apex predator is pretty funny but whatever

  26. Todd Barker

    My money is on the Mountain lion. Once he sinks his claws in and hangs on and the teeth go in the dog would be done.

  27. i am outside your house

    aggressive floppa

  28. sparrow

    Cougars arent accually that dangerous they are just really aggressive and have big arms and are fast I mean a really large dog such as a giant snhouzer could have a easier time killing u if he really wanted to

  29. Azul1 Dandi

    Que se muera mi suegra si un perro no puede matar a un puma.

  30. Garry H

    All these dogo fights are all hand picked.
    Like mike tyson fighting a toddler….the doggo being mike tyson.

  31. john steadham

    My uncut male Dogo is the sweetest dog ever. Lives to meet new people and has zero aggression with other dogs even when other dogs act aggressive towards him. He just moves along and gives them no attention. He will play hard all day with my Catahoula and they play rough. No matter how rough the Catahoula gets he never gets angry or aggressive.


    You cant un dogo argentino

  33. Mark 12:30-31

    Mountain lions know how to kill. dogs are clueless

  34. Alejandro

    Voy a grabar un video donde un Oso Grizzly mata a un Dogo y después se lo come, estén al pendiente 🐻

  35. เผด็จ พรหมประสิทธิ์

    ไม่ตรงปกซักเรื่อง ดูมา10เรื่องแระ

  36. Francesc Xavier Bultó

    Should let these bastards to get fucked up by the Cougars.

  37. Matthew Jernigan

    What an awesome breed! Is the dogo related in anyway to an American pit bull? Looks like a overgrown pit bull to me. Looks similar to an American Bulldog as well.

  38. granit gjyrevci

    Puma can kill wolves if he catches them alone,puma can easily deffend against bears relying on its agility.and it can of course kill dogo argentino on 1vs1 if puma has no choice but to fight that way otherwise wild animals dont like to fight with hunting dogs cause they have to worry if they get hurt and cant hunt after that,also the hunting dogs will allways be backed up with other dogs and humans

  39. Joshua Rivera

    Heres one I would put a guest a Wolf any day.

  40. 1ne

    Because humans cannot train them, it doesnt make them less intelligent.

  41. Ron Tuell

    The only way dogs kill full grown healthy cougars is cause there is more than one dog. One on one dog loses 99% of the time

  42. Stratt Bonner

    Sorry but no single dog could hold a candle to a 200 pound tom lion Ive been there multiple times when hounds get there shit rocked one time a big tom killed 4 a big tom bobcat would shred a dogo argintino these videos are all young, tortured and starved or female cats

  43. dean goings

    thats flat out incorrect. A cougar is MUCH more intelligent than a dogo. Its not even close.


    hepsi ayrı yaşamayı hak ediyor

  45. ChroniX

    Both the person who made this video and everyone featured are complete trash humans.

  46. Manuel Rodriguez

    Quién vio algún enfrentamiento entre un león y un dogo argentino ese video no vale una berga

  47. Wilson Tapia

    Lo que me gusta del Dogo Argentino es que no mide el peligro, el se avalancha contra lo que sea sin medir consecuencias

    1. LAD XPLAY

      Ese es su mayor problema, nunca saben el peligro, pero al momento de inteligencia y astucia el puma le gana por mucho

  48. Jimi Purple

    Why do people want a dog like this? We all know why?


    Cest formidable se chein

  50. ReiLynx

    …why? Why would you want to declaw, defang, and kill a endangered big cat?

  51. ハッピー

    Damnnn u guys see how dogo run to cougar at first secs

  52. Homeswelcome

    Damn that dude can kill a lion with one look, who need the dog if you put him to hunt the cougar.

  53. theglock

    So Puma can take down prey twice its size but cant kill this dog is absolutely rubbish the cougar was disadvantaged clearly.

  54. strong MINOTAUREX Gaming

    Cougar : A brother from another mother 😂

  55. Rebel Houdek

    These videos are a waste of time

  56. Eye_See_All

    Mountain lion bite is 650 PSI.
    Dogo argentino bite is 500 PSI

  57. E Keo

    Ive seen multiple videos of pitbulls and a pack of dogs killing a house cat, it takes them at least 5 minutes maybe 3 thats a long time. . . . . .a house cat! Just saying.

  58. Thomas Ross

    So no fight. Thanks glad i skipped all the bull crap.

  59. Tim G.

    No dog out here would beat a fully grown big cat such as Cougars, leopards, 🦁 s & 🐅 s

  60. Judy A

    What kind of sick, disgusting human being would make this video?

  61. Audry Matlakala

    This he shoot puma fast

  62. mr Justin bean

    It depends on who get the first bite on the neck

  63. Sangram Parida

    A dog team kill a jaguar but 1 dog not kill a jaguar

  64. Maurice Williams

    Dude is all those chains and outfit necessary??? to walk your dog??? Lol!!!

  65. Shawn O.

    Lol 🤦🏻‍♂️ A full grown mtn lion could destroy several Dogos at once…. 💯

  66. Rui Moreira

    BS the cougar has no no teeth smile … poor cat poor dogs— crazy people-

  67. Daniel Good

    They make them aggressive

  68. Neil Ferrer

    We came here for the to see the real fight !not to see the bullshit prediction

  69. Blondi Foks

    Can a Dogo Argentino beat a Cougar?

    1. Nora Wilcox

      @Frank Arce a dogo argentino can

    2. channelofstuff

      not even a wolf can get a cougar one on one.

    3. demarco washington

      @Cesar Esteves Vega what was my comment?

  70. Dogs are practiced buy human and do you know dogs IQ lvl 27,29 but big cats IQ lvl 37,40 so I think the intelligence is have to be change little but nice videos keep uploading

  71. One Queen

    Any animal that had its main source of weaponry removed are doomed. Poor puma. 💔

  72. iiMønster Wärriør

    0:09 that mountain lion is Mocha

  73. yaqiş aqaşlar


  74. PopExpo

    The argenntino hunts to assist its owners. The cougar hunts because it is hungry and needs to eat…..theyre two different skills youre comparing.

  75. Genesis Gabriel Etoc

    This is like

    Trained vs Experienced fighter

  76. The Soul Crisis

    Asian dude in that red wrestling outfit with the heavy ass chains is hilarious.

  77. PopExpo

    Leave the doggo in the woods for a week and see if it really has good hunting skills.

  78. David P.

    Un perro entrenado con carácter asesino músculos vs un animal salvaje q solo caza para vivir debe ser uno q sean agresivo entrenado tbm

  79. Mount Bit

    Dog cant kill puma..this puma was shot by someone else

  80. Mr. Andre


  81. Fearpower88

    Puma:5 dogo 2 (reason: puma can climb a tree, jumping 6m protractedly,standing space !! 2,5 highly! argentig dog cant do this.
    Muscularity: i thing puma is more powerful musculairty XDD 3-5x stronger.
    argentin dog is the brave dog. But big cats always kings! i think big cats real rivals is bears.

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