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101 thoughts on “Bahisçiler bahisçiler 2003 online izle

  1. OlderG0ds

    When the Legionnaire guy joins the clap 🤣

  2. Rob Engley

    He had another big fight with Abdel Qissi in The Quest. Abdel looks even bigger in The Quest.

  3. JokerfleckCast

    Can we agree the soundtrack score is bloody awesome

  4. Jean Struyf

    Atilla kreeg mepjes ….mihihihihihi

  5. Gerzon Maassen

    Nou weetje het als tegen kom ⚽

  6. Driver Skills

    Atilla is the brother of tongpo irl i remember i readed it somewhere.

  7. Lew James

    This movie would have been timeless if they just wouldnt have used that stupid rock music…

  8. upreydeen

    Damn I want that Damme body shape

  9. Bill C

    Why did they charge the name of this film

  10. Cheung Li

    From my own point of view.He win this fight is not his skills and determination only.Beacause He loves Hélène and Nicole so much.

  11. Jose Contreras


  12. bedlambikes

    Now all we got is liberal infused superhero crap films for the last 20 years.

  13. John Sowa

    Love jcvd movies American ninja movies best of the best just plain fun

  14. Olorun Corey

    Joshua should’ve yelled out HAMMER!!!!!”

  15. Jorge Lopez

    My wife had dame reacción when Atila removed his jacket seeing me, jajaja im joking great movie

  16. Hamlet 5

    I watched this movie in 2006, time flies. Van Damme, my idol actor.

  17. keeranimal8

    You know you are badass when you are having a fight and even Shao Khan is in the damned audience!!

  18. Matt Hudson

    Why am I crying! Man I love JCVD!

  19. Stone flb Stone crew flb

    Stone Flb 👽

  20. Wild West

    The final fights in all of van damms movies were super amazing. So cool the buildup and how bad azz they made the villian. I just wish they toned down the video game fifty punch boxing bag to the face stuff where the guy literally stands there arms to the side taking 40 punches to the head without even attempting to block. Like a little more realistic of a fight

  21. Moses Hanon

    Can we all agree that Lionheart’s “Manager” was trash?

  22. THe ENemy

    7:06 through 10:20 best part

  23. V D

    thank you for giving such a wonderful advice

  24. Maho ağa

    Jcvd kicks down one of his enemies among the audience, after every final fight 😁😁

  25. Jaime Robinson

    Stay down I bet it all on him . Wrong bet love it

  26. Lou Jaffee

    How is Leons family going to …be O.K now… as hes told while being led away, when ALL the money they had was bet on Attila?? Wouldnt he be broke then?

  27. Haithem Fadhlaoui

    That s why I dislike the last mercenary


    Jcvd legend! 👑❤

  29. Henna-Marjut RouhiainenosLIndeman

    🙂 cute

  30. Jared Paynter

    Shao khan should have watched this before taking on Liu Kang. His conquest may have turned out differently.

  31. A S

    Like anyone would survive punches like that… it’s so stupid

  32. James Magana

    So stupid nobody could take that much punishment fake movies

  33. DHeartX

    So many takes for just a few punches and kicks.

  34. Dennis Leavitt

    WRONG BET!!👏👏👏👏👏

  35. j.i.w.i w

    The right guy, in the movie his name is moustafa, plays tong po in kickboxer 🙂

  36. Tobias Sehjail

    This will always be a.w.o.l to me

  37. Anthony Deline-Grant

    I like that song. No Mercy.

  38. Ezekiel Ulrey

    Could JCVDs pants have a higher waist? Jesus, 90s…

  39. Michael Bradshaw

    LIONHEART…… probably the most heartfelt shout I’ve seen in a movie

  40. Ronald H

    Movie fights are so like WWE. Heros get whooped make a comeback and win lol.

  41. Zsolt Hájos

    Attila no Atilla.hungaryan name.

  42. MrTurbografix 16

    Great movie!!… ageless… this over any crappy Hollywood movie today. The big security guy just before the final fight scene is Ludvig Burga aka Tony halme from WWF 1994 R.I.P.

  43. Usman StenoPA

    Whata fight … I like it…👍👍👍

  44. Yunus Uyar

    Ihr Bauer dämpft gegen richtige Türken

  45. Supervillain

    The whole bet is on Atilla, man…:)

  46. Bahram Aghakhan

    So Bollywood 😆😆😆

  47. jehad78

    Lionheart was all heart ♥️🙏

  48. Benjamin Boucher

    Van Damme a Love Big acteur The BOSS End Bruce Lee…!!!👊💪

  49. Drone Mania


  50. Gerzon Maassen

    Zij komt met mij let maar op

  51. Moses Hanon

    Can somebody enlighten me on how the villain was a way better fighter than Lionheart, considering his pussy ass, stayed keepin’ his hands down, throwin’ punches slow af & just slothin’ around.

  52. Captain Goomba

    Atillas face can take a lot of punishment

  53. Cocova Brovaz

    Клава Кока на максималках___

  54. kevin g

    wrong bet ,LIONHEART ….its the music too fits perfect to the film ,like rocky

  55. Roger dodger

    He was getting a reaction with them body shots at the beginning. If he had kept at em instead of all those face punches he mightve had an easier time

  56. Przemysław Seroczynski

    The Best van damme💪💪👍👍

  57. Sergio Peralta

    snowed metnis. SOFIA TAMO Sofia 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😃😃😯😢😯😢😢😢😇😇😆💗💗💖💗💜💜💜👏👏👏😂😂💐💐💐😮😮😥😥😂😂😘😅😅😢😢😇😆

  58. Bikash Paikaray

    See JDVC physique .. no fats anywhr …

  59. Шукирзада Исмагамбетов


  60. 2k Chi

    2:40 what kind of punch was that?? 😂😂

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