24 saat bahisçi yekaterinburg

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24 saat bahisçi yekaterinburg !

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124 thoughts on “24 saat bahisçi yekaterinburg

  1. 202 50

    The city has changed quite a bit! I was last there in 1992…….spent an evening at Yeltsins dacha……and his sauna. Lovely time!!

  2. Hans Vuijst

    Nice shots Slava! Looks like fun in the resort 🙂

  3. Gerardo Lucero

    ¿ por que hablas en ingles y no en tu idioma con subtitulos ?

  4. Newman Kidman

    Snow is Russian lava, Slava

  5. funny maker boy

    🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶 cold

  6. David Brown

    The snow removal machines are called road graders by the way. Beautiful city it looks fun in the snow

    1. David Brown

      @RussianPlus Ive enjoyed your videos theyve been a lot of fun a few places Id like to see someday. I have a friend she lives in saransk it has got me kind of interested in Russia.

    2. RussianPlus

      Thanks. Its always interesting to learn new words.

  7. Reza Moharami

    What do I think? I think Yekaterinburg is winter wonderland and looking so eautiful during this time

  8. Реми Боняшки

    Really nice city.

  9. Brian Squibb

    How does your aunt manage in the countryside when it snows so much?

    1. Brian Squibb

      @RussianPlus Oh my! I hope everyone recovered OK. Your winter video was quite beautiful.

    2. RussianPlus

      Shes doing all right. We should pay her visit sometime. We were planning to do that right after New year but then some of us got Covid

  10. 1MuchButteR1

    Its very bad conditions for my Crown Victoria. I would need to put in 5 sand bags in the trunk.

  11. David Spez

    You live in an awesome city! — more please!

  12. Flatcap007

    Another superb Vlog, loving the drone footage. You guys take advantage of the cold were as here in UK we freeze and hybernate

  13. Dan-Chan’s Channel

    Danggggg…nice duck stats!

  14. Grand Theft Avocado

    This is awesome. After the US collapses, Russia looks like a nice place to flee to.


      US can never collapse ok.

    2. Pinky LaRue

      Lets try our best to keep that from happening.

  15. John Knox

    thanks for showing what your city looks like now, in the winter. I enjoyed your filming, but you should have made it longer:)

  16. Kim

    Кажется, в Екатеринбурге есть чем заняться круглый год!

    1. RussianPlus

      Конечно, главное не лениться:)

  17. Ware Wolf

    Dear Slava we love RUSSIA sssssso much no matter how cold it is(it doesnt matter), by the way i studied in Barnaul in 1996 & NOSTALGIA remains INTACT.

  18. Jeffrey Bue

    I would love to visit your hometown one day

  19. Exploring with the Zuinos

    Cant wait to watch later!

  20. Christine Aguilor

    watching from Philippines… 😍

  21. Yellow Bug

    Such a clean modern city. Actual Russia is the complete opposite of what I have always imagined it was. Thanks for showing us the reality. 👍👍

    1. truthcrusades

      It probably depends where you are. But certainly comparing New York City to Moscow or St Petersburg, Russias big cities are much cleaner with better infrastructure. Not sure about all the other cities though, I havent been. Yekaterinburg looks clean and modern at least.

  22. Jay Kaufman

    You live in a really pretty city. Id love to visit Russia some day.

    Living in a cold Western country (in the winter at least) in Canada, it actually looks quite similar to say a city of similar size in Canada. The only difference Id note is that here we use a lot of salt on the roads, so when the roads are plowed they put salt down at the same time so it clears the roads almost immediately. This results into the ice melting, turning it into slush and the roads being clear within six hours of snow falling. So basically the roads here would be clear of snow (other than side streets) unless in the absolute worst of snowstorms.

  23. Valerie

    Thank you so much for your fantastic videos! This one made me want to visit Russia even more! Your videos have broken every stereotype I have had about Russia. Thank you!

  24. Emiliano Kelm

    Thank you for this great content!

  25. Todd Bonin

    So beautiful!!! And the snow looks like fun (I love cold weather). Thanks for talking about the cars. I’m always interested in what people drive. I sure hope I get to visit Yekaterinburg someday. Great work as always!!!!

  26. robertum

    Its weird and pointless to hear Russian city names pronounced with an exaggerated American accent, but Im not criticising. Moreover the channel (which is great) isnt mine

  27. Nguy Yen

    Hope youre staying safe in this wintry weather but a heated political climate that is sweeping Russia.

  28. anon

    Man what a beautiful city Slava.

  29. ozthunder

    Nice to see the winter scenes. If once there was a freak snowfall here where i live there would be hundreds of road accidents, nobody knows anything about driving in snow


    Your lada incident with girls was very funny

  31. Petter Herlofsen

    I want to travel to Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Yekaterinburg

  32. Noname Name

    Nice to see snowy winter and normal society. At the moment in Poland, we have only the first …

    1. Noname Name

      @Moon Walker Revel unites us, we are Slavs after all. But it is the Russians who are considered leaders in this field 😉 . In a good sense of the word. I hope that my dream trip — Moscow — Irkutsk — Vladivostok on the Trans-Siberian Railway will soon come true. Russia is beautiful!

    2. Moon Walker

      Ooh, Hi to Poland! Im Russian and I just love the Poles! Theyre crazy when they hang out together! In a good way ))

  33. Bertsrig

    Beautiful, you should invite Greta and her friends over for a swim, the world being so hot and everything.

  34. J Stewart Proulx

    Do they use salt on icy roads there? In Canada they use alot of salt.

    1. Moon Walker

      yes, this salt is also used in Russia

  35. JBM425

    Since you mentioned Lada, how do you like your Kia Sorento? Are any major car manufacturers building or assembling cars in Russia, such as Skoda?

    1. RussianPlus

      Kia is assembled in kaliningrad, Russia. There are some other brands that are locally manufactured like Toyota, BMW and others


    Russia is great and lovely✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊🌟🚩😍❤

  37. JBM425

    I have some Facebook friends from Yekaterinburg (dachshund and Jack Russell terrier fans). I would love to visit there in-person some day, even in the winter! (By the way, I visited Minneapolis in early 2003 on military business, and the temperature when we arrived was -30 C. A couple of days later, the temperature warmed up to -7 C. We stopped wearing our winter jackets because it felt so much warmer by comparison to that first day!

    1. RussianPlus

      Exactly ! -7C feels like summer after -30C.

  38. Kevin Lawrence Taylor

    Good job, Slava! Youre getting very good with your drone dude! Yekaterinburg is pretty at night in the snow.

  39. Light yagami

    I stayed in Yekaterinburg back in 2018. The city really is bizzarly cold and freezing. I remember once the temperature reaching as low as -29°c During January.

  40. mistere early

    Those ducks! So my for flying south for the winter !

  41. Tanya Houston

    Beautiful! Ice swimming?!! Burr….

    1. RussianPlus

      Ill probably be just filming haha not sure I want to do it 😂


    Very good 👍

  43. Robertwayne

    Am so impressed with your cinema photography presentation of Yekaterinburg, so beautiful and inviting. If I spoke Russian, I would be living there right now.

  44. kat kin

    Short but sweet, I watched it twice. Beautiful nighttime footage, nice tour, thanks for another great video!

  45. HODL crypto

    Beautiful. Liberals and Neocons destroyed America.

  46. JamMan6string

    Can you show us grilling in the winter? Tips/tricks/food options…. I no longer put my grill away after seeing pics of Russians grilling in the snow. Might as well accept the default.❄🌨❄

  47. Kipruto

    What is the name of the song/beats

  48. Aamir Masood Baig

    Love from Dubai….. its so beautiful place …. me and my family loves your countryside trips…. and love these place really want to visit but dont know how to reach these villages 🤩🥰❤❤❤

  49. jtr789310

    Yekaterinburg is so beautiful, winter and summer. Your last videos from Moscow to Yekaterinburg in winter have been so fantastic. In Texas where I live it 19c high and 2c low and we all think that cold.

  50. pvc4343

    Well Slava—snow roof is much better than no roof! 🙂 Good Video—Spaceba!

  51. Senior Tourists

    Thanks for showing your beautiful city of Yekaterinburg ! It is like a different world for us in winter as we are living in the tropical region. Love from Mumbai, India.

  52. Fumastertoo

    What an amazing looking city, and surrounding area. Id love to visit there some day, and try out that winter swimming pool! The downtown area looks awesome, and as you said safe. Not so much here in OKC area, but its getting better. Thanks for sharing the outstanding video!

  53. Abubakar Bilal

    I love…….. russia ❤❤❤ cold and beautiful russia

  54. Thomas Maloney

    So do you have dry powder snow or wet pack snow? Out west, there is powder snow. In Indiana it is usually wet pack snow.

    1. RussianPlus

      Both at different times. Right not dry powder snow

  55. Sarah Renz

    Nice camera work, Slava. Yekaterinburg looks lovely in the winter. It appears that a lot of Russians do snowboarding rather than skiing. And just like America, you have a fair number chuckle-head drivers who dont clear the rear windows on their cars! (Its a pet peeve of mine.)

  56. William A. Anderson

    Yekaterinburg in the night and in the snow, looks like special place. How long are the winters …

  57. Dumb Bo

    this is a very attractive city. yes, snow is something most people would not like to deal with, but i grew up in it, and it seems like this city knows exactly how to deal with it. im not saying im going to be moving to russia, but it does appear to be a nice place to live, besides all of the corruption and the rule by oligarchy it could be the united states … oh wait, russia has corruption and oligarchs also, so maybe there is no difference at all besides the language ?

  58. Lance Miller

    Beautiful. Thanks for making a good video.

  59. Lazar Vuckovic

    Finely you saying something positive about Russia bravo.

  60. Christian Dominique

    Nice one! Thanks for sharing

  61. Buckeye Bushcrafter

    It’s very beautiful. I would love to visit and experience the city myself one day. Russia is definitely on my bucket list. Thank you for sharing. -Stephen, Ohio 🇺🇸

  62. Bryan Jordan

    Looks like a beautiful city!

  63. Dmitry Kudryashov

    I gotta go back to my home one day and see it all lit up and snow covered! Thanks for this vid!

  64. rzgrimes

    What a beautiful city. It reminds me of growing up in Michigan…only much colder. Stay warm my friends. Thanks for another great video.

  65. Thomas Maloney

    We have hordes of Canadian Geese. Fewer ducks. They both need open water.

  66. Richard Johnson

    Nice video Slava. Thanks. I love your city.

  67. Flight Level

    Отличное качество! Подскажите на какие Камеры и Дрон снимали?

    1. Flight Level

      RussianPlus спасибо за ответ, очень красивые съемки у вас !

    2. RussianPlus

      Спасибо. Это mavic 2 pro и Sony ax 700


    We had a snowstorm in Rostov too!

  69. 3000wired splinter

    wow the city is beautiful in the winter. Great job Russianplus

  70. Crowned One

    Looks so nice, very nice video. I like the icy slide. I didnt realize it had been so cold. Its been around 30 degrees F on average, in Wisconsin.


    Call me crazy but I would much rather be there. It’s 89 degrees F in L.A. California today.

  72. Jeff Snider

    your videos are very professional, that drone adds some good views with the aerial perspective.

  73. Paul Gorbulski

    Any chance for a video about Norilsk?

  74. Robert.Simmons LDSS

    Your voice sounds so much like the voice over in the bball promotion add for Eurobasket. —

  75. Cycling Angling & Theology

    Beautiful city in the winter.

  76. Ruben Borjas Jr

    How are Russian houses winterized to prevent busted waterpipes.

  77. Vladica

    Amazing vlog!thank you for it!greetings from Serbia 🇷🇸❤🇷🇺

  78. alcapone212

    Beautiful, love the snow and all the activities during the winter. No lockdowns and bull$hit in Russia…

  79. Kenneth Russel

    Looks amazing during winter. Will add a visit to Russia during winter


    Highways would have been shut down in Philly…hahaha

  81. donnyboy


  82. Vladimir Caeser

    Nice 👍 city 🌃 I will visit very soon

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