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    2. angrkil157 error

      Hi you can call me Voice, I creating little community of beginners, if you want sign in, that link DS server
      There two languages, but dont worry they know English, I m GOne

    3. angrkil157 error

      Hi you can call me Voice, I creating little community of beginners, if you want sign in, that link DS server
      There two languages, but dont worry they know English, I m GOne

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    If your on windows if your on Mac what about Linux? I doubt the commands are the same as in Mac or are they?

    Edit: oh wait i think they are similar…
    I forgot that Mac technically is a version of Linux lol

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    at 14.31 in windows i get an error 32m MODULE NOT FOUND i did pretty much exactly what as described , in command prompt after getting into the directory i typed : directory name>node index.js

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    in the part where you start using node for the first time i got really confused because you diddnt really speak about or show what would happen on a windows computer and i tried the code in both the node promt and command prompt. it keeps telling me unexpected identifier.

    1. pep inyostep

      @Abu Zharr Luqman i figured it out. you have to open the js-basics folder first. what i did was:
      step 1: cd documents (or any folder that is not a child of any folder because documents is a main folder and a parent folder if that makes sense)
      step 2: cd js-basics (because i put it in documents i had to go through documents and then search for what i am looking for)

      then do node index.js without that dollar sign and it should work

    2. Abu Zharr Luqman

      i think its bcuz he used mac and we used window, for window users there will be a lot longer address for the js-basics file

    3. Abu Zharr Luqman

      please let me know if you understood what he meant

    4. Abu Zharr Luqman

      same, its when he asked to open the command prompt right? at 14:00 something

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    After learning python if you learn javascript , there are only a few differences def becomes function : becomes nothing,list becomes array, dictionary becomes object.. what a small world

    1. Webcodingo [Coding Tutorials]

      there are also differences in their runtimes, Python and JS have different async models and variables scope.

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    1. Webcodingo [Coding Tutorials]

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    1. toon es poz

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    2. Pramath Karthik K V

      that is mac and it comes in the promt itself…u dont need to type it

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    Hello World

    , not the java script. The same applies to the rest of this section.

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    1. Webcodingo [Coding Tutorials]

      start a small project in JS and you will understand how to apply this knowledge in real life

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    Too many ads. Its impossible to follow along when there are ads every 45 seconds.

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    When I type in node index.js on terminal on Mac, I get the message MODULE_NOT_FOUND,
    requireStack: — any idea where Im going wrong? Definitely downloaded Node… :/

    1. Aviral

      i know that error. In your terminal if the file is located directly inside the folder opened in the terminal then it will work. If index.js is in another folder then it wont. For that you have to put the whole path, .e.g — node folder_name/index.js

      If you did not understand what I said then you need to learn the basics of terminal using and its commands 🙂

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    1. Webcodingo [Coding Tutorials]

      @Suvrodip Mukhopadhyay there is a Map in JS which is actually a dictionary

    2. Suvrodip Mukhopadhyay

      @Webcodingo [Coding Tutorials] Thanks bro. So there is no concept of dictionary in JS right?

    3. Webcodingo [Coding Tutorials]

      it is actually an object, but its pretty similar to a dictionary in this case

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    Open Command Prompt And Type In cd LOCATION OF FILE HERE
    If Your File Is In Another Location Like Desktop, Folder, Then The File.
    Type It In Like
    cd Desktop
    cd Folder
    Then Type In node NAME OF FILE (with .js extension)

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    can someone help me with the part 14:00 when he asked to open cmd and type those codes, like how am i supposed to access the file(js-basics as in the video) through cmd

    1. Danielle R.

      cmd has access to all files on your computer, once you have installed node on your computer (you can run node-v and npm-v in your terminal to check) you also need to create the app using the commands:
      1.npx create-react-app my-app my-app
      3.npm start (starts application)

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    1. Webcodingo [Coding Tutorials]

      type the following: cd js-basics

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